Spivakovsky, Nathan Davidovich 'Tossy' 23.dec.1906/4.feb.1907-20.jul.1998 Ukraine, Odessa - USA Connecticut, Westport
jewish violinist, studied with Arrigo Serato and Willi Hess at the Hochschule in Berlin, at the age of 10 won distinction as child violinist throughout Europe, 1925-1927 violinist of the Berlin Philharmonic, 1927 made solo tours through Europe, 1933 toured and settled in Australia, 1933-1939 worked for ABC and taught at the Melbourne Conservatory of Music, 30.oct.1939 he emigrated to the USA settling in Westport, 1961-1969 while he residing in Westport his London agent was Wilfrid van Wyck at 80 Wigmore Street ; son of David Spivakovsky (Ukraine, Smiela near Kiev 1859-14.jan.1935 Australia, Adelaide) and Rahel Plackson (Ukraine, Talne near Cherkasy 13.apr.1866-24.may.1918 Berlin) ; brother of pianist Jascha Spivakovsky (Smiela 18/31.aug.1896-23.mar.1970 Toorak) who married 16.nov.1926 Leonore Esther Krantz (-6.mar.1990 Toorak), 1934-1958 taught at the Melbourne Conservatory of Music and since 1934 resided at the national historic building Edzell mansions 76 Saint Georges Road in Toorak Melbourne which they inherited in 1948 from the mother of Leonore ; 21.nov.1934 in Melbourne he married Dr. PhD Erika Lipsker (Germany, Altona 4.nov.1909-28.jun.1998 Westport) ; daughter Ruth (Melbourne 1938-)

Title Parts

[] Three Etudes
music Frederic Chopin, transcribed for violin and piano Tossy Spivakovsky
pub G. Schirmer, New York 8feb1950
[] - Etude op10/2
[] - Etude op10/6
[] - Etude op27/3
[] Kadenzen zu Ludwig van Beethovens Violinkonzert op61
pub Breitkopf & Hartel, Wiesbaden 1964

[] Kadenzen zu funf Violin konzerten von W. A. Mozart (Cadences to five violin concertos by Mozart
pub Wilhelm Zimmermann, Frankfurt / New York, Sole agents for USA C. F. Peters 1967
[] Kv207 in B
[] Kv211 in D
[] Kv216 in G
[] Kv218 in D
[] Kv219 in A
[] Kv261
[] Adagio, arranged from figured bass
music Arcangelo Corelli, continuo realized for piano Tossy Spivakovsky

the following compositions are dedications to Tossy Spivakovsky
[] Concerto no2 for violin and orchestra (Sketches)
music Bela Bartok
dedication: As a souvenir to Mr. Tossy Spivakovsky of his memorable performances on 14/15/17 Oct 1943 in New York

[] Perpetual motion "For Tossy Spivakovsky". Violin and piano. 30dec1946
music David Diamond

[] Two dances for violin and piano "For Tossy Spivakovsky". 6jun1948
music George Barati

[] Two silhouettes, with polytonal apologies "To Tossy Spivakovsky". Duos for violin and piano. 15may1955
music Joseph Frederick Wagner

[] Impromptu "Tossy Spivakovsky zugeeignet". Violin. 1966
music Arnold Drewing

[] Humoresque on the name of Tossy Spivakovsky. Greeting cards. op70 no81. Violin and piano
music Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco
pub General Music Pub. Co., Hastings-on-Hudson NY 1975

[] Air in g "to my good friend Tossy Spivakovsky". Violin and piano
music Alec Templeton

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