Stainer, John 6.jun.1840-31.mar.1901 England, London Southwark - Italy, Verona

Title Parts

Psalm 41 Beatus qui intelligit (Blessed is he that considereth the poor and needy). Choir and organ
St Paul's Cathedral Choir / John Scott, Andrew Lucas. Hyperion 11004

Choir Ely Cathedral

Cupid, look about thee
The crucifixion. Oratorio. Tenor, baritone, choir and organ. 1887
David Hughes, John Lawrenson, Guildford Cathedral Choir / Barry Rose, Gavin Williams. EMI 575779
1 - Could ye not watch with me. Bass and chorus
2 - Fling wide the gates. Tenor and chorus
3 - Cross of Jesus, cross of sorrow. Hymn
4 - King ever glorious. Tenor
5 - God so loved the world. Anthem
6 - Holy Jesu by Thy passion. Hymn
7 - So thou liftest Thy divine petition. Duet
8 - Jesu the crucified pleads for me. Hymn
9 - I adore Thee. Hymn
10 - From the throne of His cross. Chorus
11 - All for Jesus. Hymn
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