Steiner, Emma Roberta 1856-27.feb.1929 USA Maryland, Baltimore - NY, New York Bronx
conductor, aged 7 she wrote and read music and played different instruments with only a three-month course with Frank Mitler at the Southern Institute, until 1880 she lived with her parents at 806 Lombart Street Baltimore, 1873 assistant music director of the Rice and Collier Iolanthe Company in Chicago, 1893 founded her own New York Ladies Orchestra, 1894 conducted the Anton Seidl Orchestra at Chickering Hall in New York, 1894 residing at 30 West 61st Street New York, 1900-1910 joined the goldrush and spent the summers in Alaska where she discovered the Placer Tin mines north of Nome, the winters she took courses metallurgy and mineralogy at Columbia University, 1902 spent a season working with Heinrich Conried in New York, from 1903 conducted at the Metropolitan Opera, 1905-1911 lecturer of the Board of Education in New York, 1909 appointed commissioner to the Alaska-Yukon Exposition, 1911 residing at 52 Bradhurst Avenue New York, 17.oct.1917 gave a lecture 'Alaska and her wonderful resources' at St Anselm's Hall New York, 1921 presented a program of her own works 'Harmony and Discord' at the Museum of Natural History in New York, 29.oct.1925 she conducted an orchestral concert at the Metropolitan for her recently founded Home for Musicians, 1925 residing with journalist Margaret MacDonald in the Bronx, she conducted a total of over 6000 performances of more than 50 operettas in New York City theatres ; daughter of fruit merchant and colonel Frederick Birely Steiner (Frederick near Baltimore 28.may.1822-1903 Baltimore) and his first wife pianist Catherine H Munder (Baltimore 1824-1876 Baltimore) who married 21.feb.1850 ; sister of Charles Steiner (Baltimore 1854-) ; stepsister of cigar maker Catherine A Shaw (Maryland feb.1875-) to whom Frederick left the bulk of his estate by will ; she was never married

[Grove 2002 gives her birth and death erroneously as 1850-1928 ; Cohen 1981 gives erroneously born 1852 ; Cohen 1981 gives erroneously Emma Roberto ; an unknown source gives erroneously Emma Roberts]

Title Parts

[] Chesapeake waltz. Piano
dedication to Dr. George Reuling, Baltimore, Maryland
pub Henry McCaffrey, Baltimore 1879

[] Laetita (Laetitia). Jolity
published as Emma Roberta Steiner 1882

[] I'm such a cute, devilish little devil (Sleeping Beauty)
dedication Miss Lillie Allen
pub Oliver Ditson Co., Boston 1885

[] Mary and John or The lover's quarrels. Waltz. Song. Soprano and piano
music Oswald Stoll, two beautiful arrangements by Emma R. Steiner
as sung by Minnie Cunningham
pub Hitchcock and McCargo Publishing Co., New York 1890

[] The darkie's dream. Piano
music G. L. Lansing, arr Emma R. Steiner
pub Hitchcock and McCargo Publishig Co. Ltd., New York 1891

[] I envy the rose. Voice and piano
words M. G. Millais
pub National Music Co., Chicago 1892
pub MacDonald and Steiner, New York 1921

[] Who's dat huggin' you, Hannah Brown? Plantation song
words Katherine Stagg
pub Widmer-Stigler Music Publishing Co., New York 1894

[] She's Irish. Song
words Walter Fletcher
pub Widmer-Stigler Music Publishing Co., New York 1894

[] That is why I love thee. Song
words Katherine Stagg
pub Widmer-Stigler Music Publishing Co., New York 1894

[] La belle Marguerite. Operetta. 1894
[] Brigands. Operetta. 1894
[] Day Dream. Operetta. 1894
based on Tennyson's "Sleeping Beauty"

[] The man from Paris. Operetta in 1 act. 1900
libretto James A. Russell after the book by J. W. Castle and M. I. MacDonald
Music Temple of America under the direction of Fred N. Tracey. broadcasted 1jul1922

[] Alaska and the Arctic Regions. Documentary film
shown in a lecture she gave at the New York Avenue Church, Brooklyn 20apr1911

[] Mengeli gavotte. Piano and orchestra
pub MacDonald and Steiner, New York 1914

[] The flag, forever may it wave. Voice and orchestra. 1918
[] Beautiful eyes. Voice and piano
words M. L. Glentworth
pub MacDonald, New York 1921

[] Tecolate. Voice and piano, also orchestrated
words St Henri
pub MacDonald, New York 1921

[] Florence Laurence. Voice and piano. op417
words M. M. MacDonald
pub MacDonald, New York

[] Dream of the angels. Theme with variations. Piano
pub Brainard's Sons Co., Chicago

[] I'm a rattler. Character song and dance
pub Brainard's Sons Co., Chicago

[] My love so fair (Sleeping Beauty). Soprano and tenor
pub Brainard's Sons Co., Chicago

[] Rapture (Sleeping Beauty). Soprano with flute ad lib
pub Brainard's Sons Co., Chicago

[] The first kiss. Song
[] Love and I. Song
[] Clara Johnson's pug. Comic song
[] The Viking. Operetta
[] The Sleeping Beauty. Operatic extravaganza
libretto B. W. Doremus

[] The Alchemist. Operetta
[] Fleurette. Operetta
based on an old French romance

[] Burra Pundit. Operetta
[] A flower divinely fair. Operetta
[] A flower divinely fair. Song
[] The little Hussar. Operetta
[] The Hussar. Song
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