Stewart, D Andrew 1970- Canada Ontario, Sudbury
pianist, clarinetist, BM with Glenn Buhr from Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo Ontario, MM with Keith Hamel from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, DM with John Rea and Sean Ferguson from McGill University in Montreal, post-graduate studies in composition with Louis Andriessen and Martijn Padding and in electroacoustics with Gilius van Bergeijk, Clarence Barlow and Paul Berg in the Netherlands

Title Parts

Inleiding (Introduction). 2 Trumpets, trombone and bass-trombone
introduction to a concert at the Posthoornkerk Amsterdam 24jan1998
Joep Gerrits, Daniel Neusik, Daniel Ploeger, Mathias Arveheim

2001-10-06 11:07:22