Sumac, Yma (nee Chavarri del Castillo, Zoila Augusta Emperatriz) (fem) 10.sep.1922-1.nov.2008 Peru Cajamarca, Ichocan - USA California, Los Angeles Silver Lake
singer with 4 octave voice, 1955 moved to Los Angeles

Title Parts

composed by Les Baxter and J.Rose
Yma Sumac. Revola 034

Ataypura (High Andes)
Yma Sumac, Orchestra / Moises Vivanco

Cumbe-Maita (Call of the Andes). trad
Yma Sumac, Orchestra / Moises Vivanco

[L] Album Mambo. 1954
Yma Sumac. Capitol 11892
[rem: A 4 octave voice ranging from baritone to high soprano might sound impossible, but certainly Yma Sumac has the widest range of all sopranos ever. Just amazing]

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