Sundin 'Areskoug', Nils Goran 18.may.1951- Sweden, Vaxjo
pianist, conductor, writer, physician, BA, MFA, MBA, MD, PhD from Stockholm University, Stockholm School of Music, Jyvaskyla University Finland, Lund University, Norwegian School of Management, Mozarteum Salzburg, 1975-1985 teacher music theory and interpretation at Stockholm State College of Music and Edsberg College of Music in Sollentuna, 1976 teacher music history at Stockholm University, 1977-1981 music critic for Svenska Dagbladet, 1987 music executive of Kronoberg Music Foundation in Vaxjo, 2009 director of Are Akademi in Stockholm

Title Parts

[] Perpetuum musicale. Piano. 1962
pub STIM, Stockholm 1985

[] Iteration - isometrique - rhythmique. Improvisation pour l'alto et piano. Viola and piano. Paris 18apr1975 and 7jun1987
pub STIM, Stockholm c2000

[] Soggetto antico, per pianoforte. 1982
pub Mirage Music Media, Stockholm 1985

[] Vaggvisa. Voice and piano. 1982
words Alf Henrikson
pub Mirage Music Media, Stockholm 1985

[] Reminiscenza, solo per flauto traverso. 1982
pub Mirage Music Media, Stockholm 1985

[] Symphony for peace. Mixed choir and orchestra. 1985
poems by Dag Hammarskjold
pub N. G. Sundin, Stockholm 1985
pub Svensk Musik, Stockholm 1985

[] Senza misura 1. Piano
pub Stockholm 1985

[] Invitazione, ossia, Sinfonia 2, per orchestra. 1988
"Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) in memoriam"
pub Svensk Musik, Stockholm 1988

[] Concerto St George. Piano and orchestra. 1990
[] Violin concerto. 1994
[] Symphony for Europe. 1995
[] The Arreskow saga. Opera. 2006
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