Tulev, Toivo 18.jul.1958- Estonia, Tallinn

Title Parts

Signum. Orchestra. 1990
Estonian State Orchestra / Arvo Volmer

In you, void of yourself. Oboe, 2 duduks, harp, percussion, sheng, erhu, cello and double bass
Atlas Ensemble / Ed Spanjaard

Der Herr ist mein getreuer hirt I. Countertenor, violin and piano. 1989
Robin Blaze, Harry Traksmann, Marrit Gerretz-Traksmann. Harmonia Mundi 807452

Songs. Soprano, countertenor, tenor, choir and instruments. 2005
Kady Plaas, James Lang, Martti Tuuru, Estonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir and Ensemble / Daniel Reuss
1 - By night
2 - Where have you hidden, beloved
3 - This life that I live
4 - Nigra sum
5 - Behold, thou art fair
6 - I have come into my garden
7 - Reveal, reveal your presence
8 - Mira que la dolencia de amor
I said, who are you? - He said, you. Countertenor, alto saxophone, organ and orchestra. 2007
Risto Joost, Tallin Chamber Orchestra / Risto Joost

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