Uitti, Frances Marie (fem) 1946- USA Illinois, Chicago
cellist, famous for her playing with two bows simultaneously, of Finnish parentage, in Chicago she won 1st prize in a cello competition at the Illinois State Music Contest and played in the York Community High School Orchestra Elmhurst, August 1961 her family moved to Santa Fe New Mexico where she was student violin and cello with Maurice Pollom at Santa Fe High School, 5.nov.1961 she played Marcello's cello sonata at the opening of the American Education Week at St Francis Auditorium in Santa Fe, 28.apr.1962 her violin solo was awarded 1st prize and her performance on cello with her sister Jane (Chicago 26.may.1945-) on violin of Beethoven's double concerto was awarded Superior rating at the North Central District Music Festival by the New Mexico Educators Association held in the Los Alamos Civic Auditorium, July 1962 the family moved to California, she studied violin with Josef Gingold and cello with Ronald Leonard at Meadowmount School of Music in Westport NY, cello with Leslie Parnas at Boston University and George Neikrug at the University of Texas in Austin, 1975-1986 based in Rome Italy where she collaborated with Giacinto Scelsi and completed her cello study with Andre Navarra in Siena, 19.mar.1980 she premiered Robert Palmer's sonata for cello and piano at the American Academy in Rome, 1986-2010 residing in Amsterdam Netherlands performing and lecturing throughout Europe with teaching residencies 1988, 1993, 1995 at Dartington International Institute England and 1998-1999 at Rotterdam Conservatory Netherlands, 1983 jury member at the 'Gaudeamus Concours voor Vertolkers van Muziek van Onze Tijd' (with a spectacular percussion act by winner Nachiko Maekane), since 2002 holding teaching residencies at several American Conservatories and Universities, 2002 at Oberlin Conservatory Ohio, 2005 at Mills College in Oakland California ; daughter of Edith L Uitti (Finland 16.feb.1921-)

Title Parts

[] Imaginings. Cello and synthesiser (55:46)
composed with Jonathan Harvey
Frances-Marie Uitti cello, Jonathan Harvey synthesiser, Harvey Studio, Sussex 9 July 1993. Planet Blue Records ABB1001 (1994) / Chill Out Records 007 (1996)
part from part I-IX
[] Oaxana. Cello with two bows. 1979
Frances Marie Uitti. Centrum Bellevue, Amsterdam 4jun1979

[] "for bow alone"
Frances Marie Uitti. Holland Festival, Schouwburg, Middelburg 11jun1979

[] Ricercar ...eight notes from a solo cello! 1987
[] Solstice (Marconi Beach, Cape Cod). Short film (15:00). 1989
music Frances Marie Uitti
producers visual artists Elsa Stansfield and Madelon Hooykaas

[] Two bows. 1994
BV Haast Records
[] - Choral spectra "for JH"
[] - Message to Gyorgy Kurtag
[] Rap't. Cello
Frances Marie Uitti. St Mary's Church in Foggy Bottom Washington DC 22feb2011

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