Wagenaar, Bernard 18.jul.1894-19.may.1971 Netherlands, Arnhem - Maine, York County, Kennebunk
violinist, conductor, 1915 studied at Toonkunst-Muziekschool Utrecht, violin under Gerard Veerman, piano under Lucie Veerman Bekker, composition under Johan Wagenaar, 1914-1920 music teacher and choral conductor in Utrecht, 4.dec.1920 emigrated to the USA New York City where he lived until his death, 17.dec.1920 applied for naturalization, 1921-1923 violinist of the New York Philharmonic, 1925-1937 teacher at the Institute of Musical Art, 16.may.1927 naturalized American, 1927-1968 teacher at the Juilliard Graduate School ; son of music publisher in Arnhem Steenstraat 82 Hendrikus Wijnandes Wagenaar (Utrecht 8.dec.1846-21.oct.1918 Arnhem) and Charlotta Jacoba Margaretha Maria van Rooyen (Utrecht 1850-16.feb.1922 Arnhem) ; brother of organist, conductor and composer Arnold Wagenaar (Arnhem 4.feb.1873-27.nov.1945 Arnhem) ; 11.sep.1921 in Edgartown he married musician Irene Jeannette Chadwick (Massachusetts, Edgartown 25.jun.1898-12.dec.1978 Maine, Kennebunk/Biddeford) ; son Theodore (New York 23.jan.1924-) ; nephew of Johannes Arnoldus Hendrikus Wagenaar sr. (Utrecht 13.jan.1841-3.jan.1894 Utrecht) music publisher in Utrecht

[ Oscar Thompson 1939 and ASCAP 1948 give erroneously son of Johan Wagenaar (1862-1941) ]

Title Parts

[] Violin sonata "To my dear master Mr. Gerard Veerman". Violin and piano. 1925
published by G. Schirmer, New York 1926
published by the Society for the Publication of American Music 1928
1 - Andante moderato
4 - Finale. Allegro molto
Lydia Forbes violin, Elisabeth Small viola, John Addison cello, Frank Peters piano
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