Weirauch, Robert H G 23.sep.1974- Netherlands Limburg, Geleen
pianist, initially studied engineering in Aachen, 1993-2000 studied piano with Tonie Ehlen and 1995-2000 composition with John Slangen at Maastricht Conservatory, 2005 choir repetitor at Maastricht Conservatory

Title Parts

Systemen. 8 Songs on poems of Leo Vroman. Baritone, clarinet, cello, percussion, piano. 2002
composed with Raimund Philippi and Wolfgang Gudden
Egidius Pluimen, ArToll Ens. Wolfgang Gudden, Joep Willems, Carsten Langner, Robert Weirauch

Sneeuwend slagveld. Soprano and piano. 1999
Claudia Schumacher, Karstein Djupdal. Maastricht Conservatory

The moor's last sigh. Piano. 1998
Tonie Ehlen. Maastricht Conservatory

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