Williamson, Malcolm Benjamin Graham Christopher 21.nov.1931-2.mar.2003 Australia, Sydney - England, Cambridge

Title Parts

Symphony for voices. 5 Voices. 1962
Ars Nova Vocal Group / Paul Hillier
1 - Invocation
2 - Terra australis
3 - Jesus
4 - Envoi
5 - New Guinea
** The stone wall. Cassation for audience and orchestra. 1971
recording Last Night of the Proms 1971
his best work, but not available on CD

* Next year in Jerusalem. Soprano and orchestra. 1985
recording Last Night of the Proms 1985
Heather Harper, Ulster Orchestra / Bryden Thomson
in 3 parts on poems of Jorge Luis Borges
Dignus est agnus (Worthy is the lamb). Soprano, choir and organ
Sarah Godlee, Emily Lay, Octavia Serrano, Salisbury Cathedral Choir / Simon Lole, David Halls. Griffin Records 4046

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