Woods, reverend Bertram Ernest 17.may.1900-11.nov.1982 England Norfolk, Norwich - Cornwall, Penzance
Methodist minister, hymn composer, 1901 lived with his parents at 9 Connaught Road in Norwich, 1911 lived with his father, stepmother and a servant at 65 Hastings Avenue in Margate Kent, before 1933 he lived for three years on the Shetland Islands and must have been in Norwick on the most northern island Unst, 1964 he resided at 8 Grange Road in London Norwood, he died at West Cornwall Hospital in Penzance while residing at 53 Daniel Place in Penzance ; son of telephone co. manager Ernest James Woods (Norwich 1877-) and Laura Agnes Brunning (Norfolk, Drayton 1874-1905 Cambridge) ; stepson of Louisa Wilderspin (Cambridge 1879-) ; 1928 in Manchester he married the daughter of a Wesleyan minister Hilda Lucy Cocking (Staffordshire, Great Bridge 3.dec.1896-1973 Somerset, Bath)

Title Parts

Psalm 119 Blessed are those that are undefiled. Choir and organ
composed by Woods - ? Bertram Ernest
Gloucester Cathedral Choir / John Sanders, Mark Lee. Priory 387

[] I will arise. Anthem
pub J. A. Sharp, London 1930

[] Have mercy upon me. Anthem
pub J. A. Sharp, London 1931

[] Bless the Lord O my soul. Psalm 103 vv.1-4. Anthem
pub Choir Office, London 1953

[] Norwick. Hymn tune
named after a township on the most northern Shetland Island Unst
sung to the hymn O Jesus, I have promised 1869 by John E. Bode
sung to the hymn When Jesus comes in glory 1922 by Samuel M. Miller
in the Methodist Hymn Book 1933

writing: The healing ministry. published by Rider & Co., London 1961
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