Ximenes d'Aragona, Giuseppe 18.mar.1717-8.jul.1784 Italy, Florence - Padua
poet, marchese (marquis), principi (prince), Habsburg ambassador in St Petersburg and London, 1770-1784 residing in Padua, 13.mar.1771 he commissioned an oratorio for Padua from Mozart (Betulia liberata), from Padua he wrote 21 letters dated 9.jun1770-21.sep.1781 to padre Martini, 1768-1784 he patronized a private academy and theatre in Padua

Title Parts

[] Il delirio umano. Cantata a 3 voci con stromenti
ms Dresden Koniglichen Musikalien Sammlung

[] Arianna. Opera. Azione teatrale. Lucca 1768
? music
libretto Giuseppe Aragona - ? Giuseppe Ximenes d'Aragona

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